You, me and the world, are all currently living very tragic times. But for our kids in Uganda, most days were already tragic before all of this. The current pandemic situation just makes it a lot worse.

Prices went up and basic products are unaffordable, people are starving and parents are committing suicide because they’re not able to feed their children. This is the type of daily updates we receive from our Ugandan collaborator Adolf.

If you’re already familiarised with Gifted English, you know that about 90% of our students are orphans and live by themselves. They don’t have tutors or anyone that can provide them love, attention, care, clothes, water or food and definitely not masks and sanitiser – which as you know are crucial right now.

When Adolf has permission from the police, he is able to provide a few of these. We already sent him 500 EUR out of our pockets so that he could buy food and masks for the kids, but these don’t last long.

That’s why we created this fundraiser hoping that our team can send some more help over to Uganda and make sure that our students survive and return to their classes once everything is back to normal.

Thank you for your contribution!